Broughton Manor Farm
February 13, 2020
Lodge Farm
February 13, 2020
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Residential / Community


London Borough of Ealing / Hill


Seasprite Close

The Project provides much needed affordable dwellings that cater for a mixture of needs and ages and is set within an attractive landscaped setting. The project seeks to maximise the potential of the site which was previously containing out dated flats and associated parking areas.

The Scheme aims to establish Client’s aspirations of creating an inclusive and highly accessible housing development of new homes that embraces sustainable urban design, high quality place making, and improves safety and security in the area.

An inclusive community scheme was developed through the layout of three blocks on the site, each orientated around one central communal amenity space. The Client’s focus on sustainability was set out through the construction of each block that improves upon the current building regulations and aims to achieve zero carbon beyond present Conservation of Fuel regulations.

The project consists of three blocks, the two prominent ‘high rise’ blocks are constructed using a reinforced concrete frame and the third block is utilising thin joint masonry construction.