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February 13, 2020
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February 13, 2020
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Broughton Manor Farm

We were appointed by the client to develop the outline planning permission for this scheme (which provides 62 residential units) to detailed planning approval and deliver this on site.

This brownfield site was redundant agricultural land sandwiched between developed plots within the Eastern Expansion are of Milton Keynes. Being mindful of the design directory for this masterplanned area, we created three distinct access routes into the site, two vehicular and one solely for pedestrian use.

The dynamic urban grain we aspired to achieve is defined by the active street frontages and street junctions that are defined as destinations and places in their own right. By locating the largest built element, a three storey apartment building, within the centre of the site, we created a focal point for the scheme. The remainder of the site is maintained at no more than two storeys, in keeping with the existing urban fabric of Brooklands.

Whilst there is no defined architectural vernacular in the immediate vicinity of the site we considered the overall palette of Brooklands in our response to style and material. Focal buildings (in the centre of the site) are clad in black timber which contrasts pleasingly with predominant red brick material employed in the scheme.